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Windows Live Mail Identities

WLMIdentities is a standalone application which provides the Identities functionality which used to be incorporated into Microsoft's Outlook Express, but has been excluded from their newer email client Windows Live Mail. The application runs independently from Windows Live Mail and provides the functionality to easily switch between several sets of email accounts. It runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Download You can get V1.01 of WLMIdentities by clicking on the download button. No special installation is required - the application just runs from where you save it.

The help page for the application can be viewed here.



Normally, when you click on the Internet Explorer icon in the Windows Quick Launch Bar, a new instance of Internet Explorer is launched each time i.e. a single tab in a new window each time. This is often inconvenient as what you usually want to happen is a new tab to appear in the existing window if Internet Explorer is already running. ShellSpawn allows you to do this. It runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.


1. Download Download V1.0 of ShellSpawn.exe by clicking on the download button. Save the executable somewhere on your hard disk in a directory that you will remember.
2. Right click on the Internet Explorer icon and check its properties, the Target is usually something like:
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
3. Change the Target to:
(Note that you need to enter the path to where you saved your copy of ShellSpawn.exe in step 1.)
4. The icon will change after you have changed the Target. To fix this, click on [Change Icon...] and select the Internet Explorer icon again by searching for the original path to Internet Explorer (it was shown in step 2) and selecting from the icons which are shown.
5. Click OK to close the Properties dialog.

The first click on the icon will launch Internet Explorer as normal. Subsequent clicks will open a new tab in the same (or most recently opened) window.

Other Uses for ShellSpawn

ShellSpawn will actually launch the default application for any parameter provided. For instance, if you pass the full path to a text file, it will launch the associated text editor to edit it. If you pass a movie file, it will launch the associated movie player to play it. In other words, it runs the parameter passed to it as if it were a file double-clicked in Windows Explorer.


Array Differencing with Moved Block Detection Source Code

ArrayDiff is a C++ class which provides a very simple and versatile API to perform comparisons between arrays. The code is based on Michael B Allen's code which has the following description:

This algorithm is basically Myers' solution to SES/LCS with the Hirschberg linear space refinement as described in the following publication:

E. Myers, "An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and Its Variations," Algorithmica 1, 2 (1986), 251-266.

This is the same algorithm used by GNU diff(1).

The output from the ArrayDiff class is the Shortest Edit Script (SES) which can be used to manipulate one array to make it match another array. The arrays can be of different types but as long as there is a common element to either type then one array can be used to manipulate and re-order another. In addition, a comprehensive test module is included for verification purposes.

The source code can be obtained from this page.


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